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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Who can apply for VEGAN INSIDE certification?

  1. Any company whose products do not contain animal-derived ingredients (including ingredients of ingredients).

  2. Any company wishing to transform nonvegan products to vegan ones, by substituting the relevant inputs.


The trademark is applicable to companies or products and services?

The trademark is applicable to products and services.


What types of goods does VEGAN INSIDE certify?

The VEGAN INSIDE standard has been developed to assess the conformity of two wide categories of goods: packaged foods and non-foods (clothing/shoes, home apparel, office supplies, art supplies, cosmetics, detergents, etc.) as well as services.

Will I find traces of animal-derived inputs in a VEGAN INSIDE certified product?

Yes, you might. A vegan certified product is not by definition suitable for people allergic to animal-derived substances. A product carrying the VEGAN INSIDE trademark is a product for which no animal-derived ingredients have been intentionally included in the product formulation, and/or intentionally been allowed to cross-contaminate production while this could be avoided. Ethical intent is not enough if you are allergic. The certification for allergen absence is a totally different process that is carried out from other organisations. This is why all vegan certified products report allergen information (for both animal-derived and non animal allergens) on their packaging. Therefore, if you seek allergen certification you may need to look for the relevant allergen certification label on the package.


For how long do I have the right to use the VEGAN INSIDE trademark on my products or services?

The use of the trademark is licensed for one (1) year. The license can be renewed following a re-assessment of conformity.


How long does it take to have my product assessed?

It depends on the number of ingredients and sub-ingredients of the product and the complexity of production. A tentative average estimate could be 1-2 months.


Is there a limit to the number of products I can submit for assessment?

No, there is no limit.


In which countries is the VEGAN INSIDE trademark registered?

The VEGAN INSIDE trademark is registered in the countries of the European Union. Products bearing the logo can be exported to any country, but the trademark is protected only within the EU. The trademark cannot be used on exported goods to countries where animal testing is compulsory for imports.

When can I use the VEGAN INSIDE logo?

The VEGAN INSIDE logo can be used only after the product has successfully passed the assessment process. Following success, your company can use the VEGAN INSIDE logo on the conforming product and on marketing material related to the product.


In what ways can I use the VEGAN INSIDE trademark?

You can use it on the label and packaging, in social media, in your website, and other promotional material of the conforming product. Of course, this product should have successfully passed the assessment process and be included in the VEGAN INSIDE Registry.

What if the assessment reveals that my product is not conforming to the VEGAN INSIDE standard?

We will provide the necessary guidance for the necessary substitutions and/or modifications so that your product can successfully pass the assessment process.

I wish to have my products vegan certified. What do I do next? 

You should get in touch with us at

What should I do if I suspect that the VEGAN INSIDE logo is fraudulently used? 

We take fraudulent or inappropriate use of the VEGAN INSIDE trademark very seriously. Please report your suspicion at providing as much relevant information as you can. 


Why should I choose a Standard that only certifies vegan products? 

The ideal world for animals is the vegan world. In this world, no animal is brought into existence to serve as a means for the satisfaction of human needs, no animal is taken away from his/her mother, no animal’s life is ended just because this fits human needs. Therefore, products and services that are designed to not include animal products are the starting point, the least we can do to apply our moral commitment towards the creation of a world that truly respects animals. 

An ethical Standard that puts at its heart the animals is superior to a standard that is flexible enough to certify products that include (instead of avoid) specific animal products. For us, respecting animals is not a matter of preference to specific animal products; it is a matter of moral obligation to avoid all animal products. It goes without saying that a vegan-certified product can absolutely serve the ethical motives of vegetarians, which is to not harm animals.  


The superiority of VEGAN INSIDE lies in simultaneously serving the needs of a wide range of ethical consumers – vegan, vegetarians, pesco-vegetarians, ovo-vegetarians, lacto-vegetarians, reducitarians, flexitarians, health conscious, eco-conscious – while at the same time remaining true to our core value, of respecting all animals. 

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