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Our mission

Philosophy & vision

The vegan philosophy and way of life rejects the use of animals for any purpose that humans have invented to serve their own needs (food, clothing, objects, entertainment, education, security, etc.).

The vegan philosophy embodies respect towards animals at the purest and absolute level; it is different from the so called “vegetarian” consumption pattern which welcomes the use of animals for the fulfilment of human needs by using substances that animal produce for themselves or their offspring (milk, honey, etc.)

​The VEGAN INSIDE standard has been developed in Greece, by a group of scientists and experts with long-term solid theoretical and practical experience in the vegan way of life and are active in the dissemination of the vegan ideals. At the core of the VEGAN INSIDE standard lies the conviction that the vegan values are the only ones that can accord justice in humanity’s co-existence with animals. For this reason, the VEGAN INSIDE standard does not have any variations whatsoever to accommodate whimsical preferences (e.g. of vegetarians) for which animal use is necessary. The core and starting point of VEGAN INSIDE is the protection of animals from every kind of use.


The mission of our scientific team is that the VEGAN INSIDE standard will substantially reduce the percent of GDP that is produced with the use of animals. This translates to a substantial increase of the percent of GDP that is produced without the use of animals. This means that companies will enter a process of continuously increasing:

  • the percentage of vegan products and services that they offer to their customers

  • their own use of vegan general inputs (products and services) needed for their everyday operations


The above will allow companies to meaningfully contribute to the normalisation and the wider adoption of a lifestyle that respects all animals and at the same time produce large benefits to the environment, public health, sustainability of the Earth, and the welfare of current and future generations.

Our purpose

The VEGAN INSIDE standard supports businesses to engage in meaningful activities. These activities respect all other animals, help abolish the use of animals throughout the economy, and make the vegan way of life accessible to all. The VEGAN INSIDE standard motivates businesses to create vegan products and services and abolish non-vegan ones but also to serve the sustainability ideal based on the principles of veganism.

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