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Why you should choose VEGAN INSIDE?

VEGAN INSIDE is a modern certification standard

  • It evaluates whether products and services conform to the criteria that have to be met in order for a product or service to be considered suitable for vegans, through assessment of their inputs and production process, via distant and on-site assessment.

  • It helps inform and educate companies on the practical implementation of vegan philosophy, through the use of an overall index measuring vegan-promoting and animal-free behavior. This is a global innovation, aiming at assessing a company's perfomance in the promotion of a vegan world. Thus consumers have the opportunity to evaluate a company's overall behavior in animal-related issues and proceed to informed choices; on the other hand, companies have the opportunity to introspect on their own contribution to a vegan world.

  • It provides transparent information to consumers through the Registry of products and services which conform to the requirements of the VEGAN INSIDE standard.

  • It opens up new channels of recognisability through the portal, which is a unique directory of certified vegan products available in Greece, which is trusted by thousands of consumers of vegan products.

The benefits of certification
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