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Principles of the Standard

What is being assessed:

  1. Visible and invisible inputs of a product or service.

  2. Intermediate raw materials (processing aids, additives, etc.) used during production.

  3. The production process to ensure that no cross-contamination that could be purposefully be avoided occurs.

The Standard requires the absence of the following practices:

  1. Testing on animals or animal tissues for research and development, for intermediate or final products and their ingredients since 2000.

  2. Use of animal tissues (e.g. bovine fetal serum) for the production of final or intermediate products.

  3. Use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) containing animal genes for research, development, and production.

The use of the VEGAN INSIDE trademark is NOT ALLOWED on products exported to countries where animal testing is mandatory on imported goods.

Have your products assessed

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These products are by definition non-conforming:

  1. Products that are produced with the use of animal cells or animal cell cultures.

  2. Products for the extermination of animals. Products that repel but do not kill (e.g. insect repellents) may meet the requirements.

  3. Products for the use or exploitation of other animals (e.g. saddles, whips).

  4. Products for the treatment or maintenance of nonvegan products (e.g. for clothes containing leather, wool, silk).

  5. Truffles and products using them.

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